Cylinders for HP storage system


For your compressor installation or filling ramp, it is very important to have a correctly dimensioned storage pressure vessel. It enables to reduce pressure fluctuations when large amounts of air are consumed and minimise the number of compressor on/off cycles by providing the correct storage capacity.


The final separator in the high-pressure compressor and the storage vessel are only dimensioned for a certain number of load cycles. Therefore if you reduce the compressor switching cycles, you increase the service life of the different components.


From stock, we can supply for a filling pressure of :


  • 300 bar [4500 psi] : cylinder capacity of 20 / 33 / 50 / 80 L
  • 330 bar [4950 psi] : cylinder capacity of 80 L
  • 350 bar [5250 psi] : cylinder capacity of 33 / 50 L
  • 450 bar [6750 psi] : cylinder capacity of 50 L


Our pressure vessels are conform to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU and are designed for stationary applications. They can have a double marking of CE (PED) and PI (TPED) for convenient technical approvals.