HP cylinders for technical gas


Seamless Steel cylinders for every technical liquefied and compressed gases like

  • Carbon dioxide cylinder (CO2);
  • Oxygen cylinder (O2);
  • Nitrogen cylinder (N2);
  • Helium cylinder (He);
  • Argon cylinder (Ar);
  • Gas mixture cylinder: breathing air cylinder and SCBA cylinder
  • Hydrogen cylinder


These cylinders are used for food conservation, calibration, industrial process, metal welding, calibration as well as for other industrial purposes. We can supply a wide range of cylinders with sizes from 0,8 up to 140 liters with working pressure up to 450 bar. The standard cylinders (5 L, 10 L, 20 L, 33 L and 50 L) are always on stock in our warehouse in Luxembourg.


Furthermore, upon request, we can refill your cylinders with gases.