Valves for HP cylinders


We offer quick delivery for industrial, medical, diving and specialty gases. Our screw-down valves are suitable for every gases like argon, helium, gas mixture, oxygen, nitrogen, air, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, specialty gases and corrosive gases. The outlet of the valves are machined as per DIN, NF, BS, UNI, NBN, CGA, NO, JS, NEN, EN, CEN. We supply :

  • Brass valve
  • Chromium plated brass valve
  • Residual pressure valve
  • Stainless steel valve with packing
  • Stainless steel valve with diaphragm
  • Brass valve with diaphragm
  • Steel valve


The valves are mainly supplied with an inlet conus as per 25E (previously known as 1”, W28.8, 6 deg 52). They are as well available with :

  • 17E thread/inlet conical
  • M25x2 thread cylindrical
  • M18x1,5 thread cylindrical
  • 3/4” thread conical


These valves are available with a working pressure of 200 bar [3000 psi], 230 bar [3450 psi], 300 bar [4500 psi] and 360 bar [5400 psi] with or without burst disc safety device (overpressure device).